Strategy Development

Strategy consulting for inbound and content marketing

Kunden in fuenf Schritten mit der Inbound- und Content Marketing Strategie begeistern.

Our strategy consulting service aims to match marketing strategies to the modified information behaviour of customer groups.

We work with a strategy process that we adapt to our clients’ individual requirements. We start by assessing the current situation of the brand and marketing parameters, and define qualitative and quantitative objectives.

At the heart of the strategy process is an analysis of the buying process and the personas involved in it. Essentially, the aim is to satisfy the information needs of the personas with relevant, helpful content. And to synchronise content provision with the four-step buying process.

Our strategy consulting is characterised by a very implementation-focused, authentic approach. In other words, it usually results in a concrete implementation plan with clear KPIs and appropriate control mechanisms.


Full-service website planning, design and development.

A website is more than just a company’s or brand’s online presence. It is the central marketing tool in the buyer’s journey and should ideally offer visitors added value and convert prospects into leads. Important aspects to consider, besides choosing a design that reflects the brand, are the information architecture and usability – especially on mobile devices.

We develop, design and program your website in the context of your marketing objectives, your content marketing strategy and accompanying KPIs.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation with HubSpot.

Xengoo is a certified agency partner of HubSpot in Germany. HubSpot is the provider of the world’s leading solution for integrated marketing automation.


Most digital marketing technologies used by companies today are unconnected systems that work independently. The content management system is not integrated with the tools for email marketing, and the blogging software and SEO tool are isolated applications. This is a very complex set-up and, what’s even more problematic, it makes it impossible to obtain an overall measurement and analysis of the impact chain and KPIs. Companies are left with isolated pieces of data that are not really meaningful or useful.

By integrating all the necessary digital content marketing tools in one central platform, HubSpot creates a complete solution that stands out from the competition, especially in terms of its usability.

HubSpot at a glance.

Mit der Marketing Automation Software von HubSpot können Sie Ihr gesamtes Online Marketing bedienen.

See what our clients and partners have to say about working with us.



Blog concept development, implementation and copywriting

On average, companies that blog have 55% more visitors, 100% more inbound links and 400% more search engine entries.

This makes blogging probably the most sustainable digital marketing tool and it is also ideal for ensuring a good search engine ranking.

We help our clients develop their company blog concept, implement it in terms of technology and design, and produce content. If desired, the entire blog-writing process can also be outsourced to Xengoo.

55% more visitors

100% more inbound links

400% more search engine listings

Erfolgreich bloggen für Unternehmen!

Lernen Sie in diesem E-Book Schritt für Schritt – von der Ideenfindung, der Optimierung bis hin zum Messergebnis – was den Erfolg eines guten Bloggings ausmacht.

Wie Sie einen Unternehmensblog aufbauen und führen.
Schritt fuer Schritt erklaeren wir, wie Sie einen Unternehmensblog aufbauen und entsprechend fuehren.

Social Media

Strategically integrating social media channels into content marketing.

Whether they are on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, many companies run their social media channels independently of their strategic marketing objectives. We help you integrate these activities into a broader content marketing strategy to secure a measurable increase in efficiency.

We use social media channels for the targeted publication of relevant content (usually not advertising), and – with relevant calls-to-action – guide customers to landing pages, where we convert them into leads. This is a principle that works equally well for B2C and B2B businesses.

Was Sie aus rechtlicher Sicht dabei beachten müssen, haben wir in diesem kostenfreien E-Book für Sie zusammengefasst:

Die wichtigsten Grundlagen fuer das Social Media Marketing.
Rechtliche Grundlagen im Social Media Marketing - kostenfrei zum Herunterladen.

Email Marketing

From newsletters to lead nurturing.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tactics. Not for sending unwanted spam, obviously, but for sending permission-based, legally compliant messages with double opt-in.

We can help you with everything from developing and implementing periodic newsletters and blog subscriptions to developing customised email series for lead nurturing and targeted customer acquisition.

Wie Sie mit Lead Nurturing Leads zu Kunden machen.

Wie Sie Ihre Leads “bei der Stange halten” und die Beziehung immer weiter aufbauen, erfahren Sie in diesem kostenfreien E-Book.

Lead Nurturing über E-Mail-Marketing - so geht's.


Search engine optimisation is content optimisation.

The days are gone when you could cheat your way to the top of search engine rankings by buying backlinks.

Of course, you do need to understand the technical aspects of on-site optimisation, but content is playing an increasingly vital role in search engine rankings.

As well as technical optimisation, we help you identify your relevant keywords and build up a sustainable content and blogging strategy based on content. This will enable you to hold your own in rankings for topics that are important to your prospects and customers.

15 Fakten, die Sie zum Thema SEO wissen sollten.

Mehr zur Suchmaschinenoptimierung finden Sie in unserem Whitepaper.

15 Dinge, die Sie bei der SEO nicht beachten muessen.
Fuenfzehn Dinge, die Sie beim Thema SEO nicht glauben sollten.

Content Creation

In the Xengoo Media House, we develop content for all conceivable formats, topics and sectors.

From simple blog posts to video clips. Our team consists of a small fixed core of employees and is complemented by a large number of freelance collaborators we can call on to help with content development:

Bloggers, journalists, art directors, copywriters, concept designer, directors, cameramen, photographers, screen designers, motion graphics, UX designer, code developer, 3D designers and much more.

Realtime Marketing

Real-time marketing puts the dialogue into dialogue marketing!

Dialogue marketing is actually a misnomer. With average response rates of just 0.02–1%, one thing is definitely missing: the dialogue!

This is not the case with real-time marketing using pURL mailings, where it is not unusual to achieve response rates of 10–50%. We capitalise on the target group’s curiosity and lead people from a postal teaser mailing to a personalised, dialogue-oriented website.

Here we use our dialogue engine to track click behaviour, identify hot leads and send their contact information to the previously assigned members of the sales team or to the call centre. In real time.

PURL mailings are, strictly speaking, an outbound tactic, but they draw customers into a real dialogue and are therefore not perceived as annoying.

Erwecken Sie mit Realtime Marketing die Neugierde Ihrer Lads und motivieren Sie sie zum Klicken.

Example teaser with a personal URL (pURL).

Testen Sie unverbindlich Ihre persönliche URL!

Anfordern, zurücklehnen und Film mit Ihrem Namen genießen.

Sehen Sie sich den Effekt des Real Time Marketings an - mit Ihrer persoenlichen URL
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